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You are unique and thus have unique needs. In therapy and consultation, our goal is to meet each person as the individual they are. We do not have a scripted or cookie-cutter method because we believe that in each session you deserve to be given freedom to embody whatever will best meet your needs.At TheraBee you will find acceptance, compassion, and non-judgment. We offer a variety of services including therapy, consultation, as well as education, preparation, and skill development during major life transitions such as child bearing/birth, death, and everything in between.

A Non-judgmental, Secular, and Accepting Approach for the LGBTQ Community and Alternative Folks

TheraBee is committed to all clients, and being very comfortable working with those marginalized for reasons around their sexuality and gender (i.e. LGBTQ and Alternative folks). See below for each of our therapist’s personal intervention specialities.

About Christina Hallmann, LLMSW (She/Her)

I approach therapy from the core understanding that healing happens between people. With your goals as our guide, we will build our therapeutic relationship as well as watch your other relationships transform. I also believe that you make sense- your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, recurring relationship conflicts- all of it! Often something giving us trouble in the present was at one time something that helped us. We will work together to reach out to those stuck patterns from the past and give them what they need to adapt to your current life.

In this work together, we will move at your pace, balancing coping with day-to-day issues along with digging deeper into healing underlying concerns in a ratio that feels right to you. I am also ready to explore with you how moving through the world with your social identities has shaped your life experiences. Most importantly, all feelings are welcome with me, and will be met with compassion and curiosity.

Fancy Terms for How I Work: Attachment Theory, Strengths-Based Approaches, Internal Family Systems, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Poly-Vagal Theory

Education: Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Community Action and Social Change from The University of Michigan; Master’s in Social Work- Geriatric Scholar from The University of Michigan

About Alaina Knox (They/She)

Hey y’all. I am a somatically trained, anti-oppression mental health care provider and conflict resolution practitioner.

I help clients develop a more intimate awareness, and acceptance of their identities by supporting them in differentiating between their own voice and the voice of the abusive systems that surround them.

I believe that all systems of oppression are linked and rooted in a need to control that which ventures outside of the lines.

It is for that reason that my approach to healing is non-dual, meaning that it is grounded in the belief that multiple truths exist, sometimes contradicting one another and causing conflict.

I believe that we cannot shame ourselves into action.

I am devoted to helping clients build an internal world that is not riddled with shame, guilt, or fear. To do this my process combines shadow work and inner child healing.

My personal joys include cats, hula hooping, and spending time near water.

I am wishing you the best of luck on your journey in love & liberation.

About Morgan Durocher, R-DMT, LLPC (She/Her)

I offer therapy from the idea that every person is unique, and therefore it is my goal to meet every client where they are, and work together to find what may best meet their needs. I bring a body-based, mindfulness approach that focuses on compassion and non-judgment. I believe that bringing attention to the body, and celebrating its unique qualities, can help individuals expand their awareness and ability to process, while encouraging creativity and connection. Therapy interventions I offer include dance/movement therapy, sensorimotor psychotherapy, mindfulness, solution focused techniques, as well as traditional psychotherapy. I believe that re-integrating the body and mind into therapy can provide tangible ways for clients to relax into a place where healing can begin.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Dance Therapy from Eastern Michigan University. I also received a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling specializing in Dance/Movement Therapy from Lesley University. I am a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor, and professional member of the American Dance Therapy Association.

About Andrea (Andi) Bezaire, MS, LLP (They/Them)

Hi! I’m a human who happens to be a therapist as well as a member of a lot of the communities we serve at TheraBee. I am fairly flexible in my approach to therapy, although I tend to encourage you to become more embodied and present in your physical self – sometimes through talking, sometimes by noticing; we will probably move around and get curious! Does that land with you? I feel very strongly that the fit between therapist and client is one of the most important parts of allowing the process to work so that we can work toward real feelings of calm and putting the “health” back into your mental health.

It’s crucial to me that I always approach you and the entire therapeutic process from a nonjudgmental and secular viewpoint, with scientific research at its core. That being said, I will share a little more about the importance of me being a real person; it’s that I know stuff. Not just facts about therapy, and a bunch of different modalities, but also stuff about life. And “lifestyle”. Basically, if you usually have to explain your lifestyle to someone, I’ll probably get you. And, if you usually have to explain that your lifestyle is NOT a part of why you are stressed/upset/anxious/depressed/(whatever), then we will probably be able to get you somewhere because we won’t be bogged down in those details. Unless it IS what you want to focus on, then we can dig in without you having to explain to me what the jargon means. All of that being said, I can also help you if you have a lingering question in your mind about “Is it kinky or is it abuse?” It is not a fun question to have lurking – let’s sort that shit out together.

So I think that pretty much summarizes who I am/how I approach therapy… and you probably have a pretty clear idea of if we would be able to do some great work together, or if someone else is likely to be a better fit (which is totally allowed!). No matter who you work with, or what your process looks like, I wish you a healing journey on your path!

Oh, and for those of you who would like a more formal credential-driven bio: I went to Wayne State University for undergrad (Double Major in Psychology with Honors and Peace & Conflict Studies), then Eastern Michigan University for grad school (Master’s in Clinical Psychology). I received my birth and post-partum doula training at the Center for the Childbearing Year (now Lifespan Doulas), and my Urban Tantra ® Professional training with Barbara Carrellas. I am trained in lots of different psychotherapy modalities, most notably Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (through SPI), EMDR (via an EMDRIA-approved institute), DBT,  and in progress of getting a formal Sex Therapist certification.

About Jenn Donnay (She/Her)

Jenn is TheraBee’s fantastic Admin and Billing whiz. She is happy to help you in your healing journey by making the logistical crap as easy/smooth as possible.. Please feel free to contact her when you have questions about billing, payment, and other finicky details. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, as well as decorating and organizing.

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