LGBT Affirming Therapy & Counseling in Ann Arbor

You are unique and thus have unique needs. In therapy and and consultation, our goal is to meet each person as the individual they are. We do not have a scripted or cookie-cutter method because we believe that in each session you deserve to be given freedom to embody whatever will best meet your needs.

At TheraBee you will find acceptance, compassion, and non-judgement. We offer a variety of services including therapy, consultation, as well as education, preparation, and skill development during major life transitions such as child bearing/birth, death, and everything in between.

A Nonjudgmental, Secular, and Accepting Approach for the LGBTQ Community and Alternative Folks

TheraBee is committed to all clients, and being very comfortable working with those marginalized for reasons around their sexuality (i.e. LGBTQ and Alternative folks). Therapy interventions offered include solution focused techniques, mindfulness, acceptance based practice, as well as traditional psychotherapy (“talk therapy”).

About Andrea Bezaire, MS, LLP

This page was once a nice little paragraph that stated where I went to school and a nice P.C. reason for why I am a Psychologist. If that’s what you want, it is still here and happy that you will read it at the bottom of the page, feel free to skip that part!

If it is not what you want, though, read this part. I want you to know up-front that I am human. I am fairly flexible in my approach to therapy, and don’t want to push you into a box you don’t feel comfy in. This means that if you are interested in a more structured, coaching-type style, then we will decide on goals together and steadily work toward them. If you are more free-flowing then we will discuss what comes to mind, or issues that have been particularly pressing since the previous session. No matter your preferred style, we will work toward real feelings of calm and putting the “health” back into your mental health.

It is crucial to me that I always approach you and the entire theraputic process from a nonjudgmental and secular viewpoint, with scientific research at its core. Don’t get me wrong, I will gladly work with folks from any viewpoint and will happily help you incorporate you views into your self-care and treatment, I just wouldn’t want you to worry that you will get a “pray about it” prescription from me.

A little more about the importance of me being a real person, is that I know stuff. Not just facts about therapy, but also stuff about life. And “lifestyle”. Basically, if you usually have to explain your lifestyle to someone, I’ll probably get you. And, if you usually have to explain that your lifestyle is NOT a part of why you are stressed/upset/anxious/depressed/(whatever), then we will probably be able to get you somewhere because we won’t be bogged down in those details. Unless it IS what you want to focus on, then we can dig in without you having to explain to me what the jargon means. All of that being said, I can also help you if you have a lingering question in your mind about “Is it kinky or is it abuse?” It is not a fun question to have lurking – let’s sort that shit out.

So I think summarizes who I am/how I approach therapy… and you probably have a pretty clear idea of if we would be able to do some great work together, or if you’d rather find someone a little less transparent (which is totally allowed!).

I’m an LGBT-Friendly Therapist in Ann Arbor

If you’re ready to jump in ask me some questions or let’s book an appointment!

I also serve Ypsilanti, Saline, Brighton, Belleville, Milan, and the surrounding areas.

Formal Bio

As promised, for those of you who prefer a more formal bio, here is it:

I have a long-standing curiosity of what makes people different, as well as being glad that we are each our own individual. This mindset from an early age lead me to study Psychology in my Undergraduate career at Wayne State University. Throughout my years at WSU, I found interest in other departments and decided to earn an additional Major in Peace and Conflict studies. This additional study was focused on the micro (family and community) environment. In my final year at WSU, I decided to pursue a graduate degree. The following Fall, I embarked on my journey at Eastern Michigan University which led to my earning a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology. I have since worked in a variety of settings, including community clinics, hospitals, and private practice. Throughout these years I learned a variety of techniques that I am able to teach clients in improving their life and overall happiness whether working with an individual, relationship members, or a family. I am honored to share your time and be allowed into your space so that I might be able to help you reach your ideal life.

In my spare time I enjoy a variety of hobbies including walking my dog, reading, and attending comedy shows. I also value volunteer work and giving back to the local community. As such, I consistently work to provide doula and therapy services with 501 (c) 3 organizations. Click here for more information about my doula training and experience.