Feeling as though you have to hide who you truly are is not easy. It also isn’t fun. So, how do you get onto a path where you can radically accept yourself and be comfortable in your own skin? The route is different for each individual, but that is where I excel at helping. I am not a road map or a GPS talking robotically at you. I am a real person, with curiosity and a drive to help you find your way.

I offer a variety of services (genuine personality included!) and will work with folks from any viewpoint. That being said, I tend to find the most success when working within my specialty.


I have a nonjudgmental, secular, and accepting approach to all clients, and I am very comfortable working with those marginalized for reasons around “taboo” topics such as sexual orientation, gender, relationship style, and religion.


It is my pleasure to be able to offer both individual and relationship therapy services. My goal is to provide emotional and practical support throughout a variety of life experiences, especially to marginalized individuals.


You are unique and thus have unique needs. In therapy and and consultation, our goal is to meet each person as the individual they are. We do not have a scripted or cookie-cutter method because we believe that in each session you deserve to be given freedom to embody whatever will best meet your needs.

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